Hi, and welcome to the first blog post for Brittany Rae Designs! This is Emma, and I’m an intern for Brittany for the next month. Here I will talk a bit about myself, a bit about the plans for BRD, and a bit about what we work on day to day. There will also be posts written by Brittany and other members of the team.

So far during this internship I have been working mainly on the social media and digital aspects of BRD. I have done some market research, cumulated waitlists, designed spec sheets, and am preparing for the arrival of my big sewing project from Brittany (a Belle dress!!!). I am also working on developing my own business, so I have been doing research on platforms to host my shop, how to promote and market via social media, and customer service. I have also been working on the designs of my clothing and items that I am getting ready to sell. It’s been so chaotic but so much fun at the same time and I’m very excited to launch!

Part of the reason why I asked to intern with BRD was because of how long I have been watching the business. I’m pretty sure I’ve been aware of it ever since BRD began! I remember seeing her Belle dress first and being absolutely in love with its design. Another reason was that as a costumer who has cosplayed for many years, I wanted that sewing experience. I wanted to learn to make a sturdy, high quality costume that I could then translate those skills into my own designs and projects.

What got me to this internship was my schooling. I am just about complete my BSc. Human Ecology in Clothing, Textiles and Material Culture. Long title, I know. I learnt many things in my five years in the program, including fashion history, design, textile sciences, business, and material culture classes. It was a long five years, especially with my last year and a half online, but I’m excited to get out into the costuming world! The end of our degree finishes off with a 200-hour practicum under various people in our industry. Some go to clothing companies, some go to museums, theatres, and more! The degree is made with such a versatility that you can move around within the confinements of the industry without having to seek out more education. This is something I love in particular because I have a lot of interests in this field. I would love to design for theatres, and theme parks, but I also love history and museums, and the business aspect is interesting for me too! So, it really helps someone like me with a lot of interests be prepared for anything the fashion industry wants to throw at me!

Well with that whole ramble of exposition, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I will check in with you at the beginning of the week about what we are planning for the next little bit!



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