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 “I messaged Brittany about a rapunzel dress with some very specific things I wanted done. She was willing to take it on. Throughout the process, she updated me with fabric swatches, progress photos and just little messages to let me know how it was going. I got the dress two weeks ago and it is stunning. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the fabrics she chose are perfect. I recommend her for any costume needs in the future!”

Ashley Heiney

"Brittany is an extremely talented designer! When I received my Moana costume from her I was blown away by all the perfect details on the gown. I loved it so much I bought another one! Just ordered a tink costume from her and I'm so excited to receive it. Brittany kept amazing communication with me, kept me updated and involved:) Got my gown in time as well:) I highly recommend her!:)"

Kristina Yakovlev


"Brittany's dresses are the most AMAZING works of art I have ever seen in my whole life. The detail, designs, and level of craftsmanship are beyond what I could ever wish for. I have purchased two dresses from her, and they both are my prized possessions! Never has a dress fit me as well as my Rapunzel and Belle inspired gowns from her. Besides the impeccable job done on the dresses, she also has excellent communication and always makes sure you know the status of your gown. Her dresses are some of the best around, and if you decide to buy one, you will NOT be disappointed!"

Lauren Montesano

I can’t say enough about Brittany. Not only is she an amazing designer and artist she is the best friend I could ask for. She works so hard and has created an amazing business to support her family. Her talent and dedication to her craft is endless and her gowns have not only increased business for me but also have given my performers more confidence and brought an even higher level of princess entertainment to Winnipeg! Her heart is pure gold and her soul sparkles and shines through everything she creates! Her commitment to quality, and her ever expanding knowledge of the princess industry and costume design makes her the ideal choice for company’s and cosplayers all over the world. We love Brittany Rae Designs and you will too!!

Heather Jane Perlov


My Tinker Fairy dress is out of this world! It is so comfortable and well made. It has a lace up back so it will fit even if I go up or down a few inches BUT I can also do it up myself which is almost unheard of with lace up dresses. The detail is stunning. There must have been so much hand sewing with the leaves on the skirt, I can’t even imagine. It’s so perfect. I hope to buy my next dress from this shop!

Sara Walters

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